No Category selected Let’s fartlek! (seriously, it’s a running thing)

    Let’s fartlek! (seriously, it’s a running thing)


    In my efforts to spice up my running routine I’ve left my options open. I’m trying to not get caught up in the scheduling of running and try to enjoy the actual run itself.

    This summer my kids took swimming lessons at the local pool. This left me about a ½ hour to myself in the evenings. This is better than most nights. I take what I can get. With the idea of running both kid, and guilt-free, I prepared to run as soon as they hit the water.

    The problem without planning the run is that I start most runs walking and talking to myself. Which direction to go? How fast? How far? I threw caution to the wind and just went with it. While I was just ‘going with it’ I realized that this was the perfect opportunity for a fartlek run.

    Honestly, I’ve never purposely did a fartlek session. I think it’s the word itself I don’t like. I never want to have to come home from a run and tell my husband that I had a great fartlek. He’s not a runner…he just wouldn’t get it.  Besides, I usually have pacing issues anyway and my speed tends to waver throughout my runs on their own.

    I had the perfect opportunity for a little fartlek, so I took it. It’s no wonder the word comes from the term ‘speed play’. It is like playing; making the run fun and interesting. I spent most of the time wondering why I’ve never really done it before.

    I sped up when I wanted, slowed when I wanted. I hopped, skipped and jumped (that counts, right?) my way through town. With my swimming lesson time limit, I managed to get in a fun, sometimes intense, run. It was just enough of a workout to keep me motivated.

    So…do you fartlek? Or does that word make you giggle like a 5th grader?