No Category selected Lewis Hill tests the GOrun2 through the winter

    Lewis Hill tests the GOrun2 through the winter


    “iRun to maintain a 34 inch waist while enjoying all life’s indulgences.” ~Lewis Hill

     The following is a guest post by iRun Gear Test Team member Lewis Hill.

    Pros: These Shoes are very light and extremely comfortable. With an array of flashy colours and bold style, the GOrun 2’sfeel like the punk rock of the minimalist running shoe scene right now. And much like punk legends, The Clash, these shoes aren’t just flashy, they can perform too.

    Cons: Maybe punk rock is not your thing.

    Overall review: I received these shoes on New Year’s Eve, and wasted no time in trying them out! I have to say, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever sipped single malt scotch in. A few days later, I decided it was time to take them for a run. I braved the Canadian winter, and first pounded the pavement, (in January in Ottawa, pavement means ice), and then hit the snowy trails. I achieved very good times, in a surprising state of comfort, in these shoes. I put them though long distance runs, sprints, and cross training conditioning. These shoes rocked my world every time. Whether you’re sipping scotch, running a race, or escaping a horde of hungry zombies, the GOrun 2’s can handle it in comfort and style.


    About the reviewer:

    Lewis Hill is avid runner and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai practitioner. He currently freelances in video production and has a comedy video blog series about running on Youtube, entitled Lewis’ Race Blog. He writes his own music, does his own stunts and has the guilty pleasure of really liking Maroon 5, but would appreciate if you kept that on the down low.

    Follow Lewis on twitter: @lewisifer