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    Long training day


    “Today we had and awesome day all three of us, everything just seemed to go so well along with the amazing weather that we have, it was actually warm and we had a six and a half hour training day and got down some fantastic mileage…… even though as I said  before our sleds are extra heavy in order to help us prepare for when we get out to Hercules the sleds will be a bit lighter and we are hoping that we will feel the difference starting with a lighter sled. Everyone’s excited, Ricahard and Kevin are totally amped. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day getting our last minute gear done, making adjustments to our sleds and obivously making them quite a bit lighter than they are now. then we will head to Hercules bright and early Thursday morning and start our journey to the south pole, all very exciting we are all just so excited. Talk to you later, bye.”

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