Nutrition Meet Genuine Health’s Deep Sleep, Made to Relax the Muscles, and the...

Meet Genuine Health’s Deep Sleep, Made to Relax the Muscles, and the Mind


Genuine Health is a company that makes all-natural, science-based supplements and Lauren Hauswirth, pictured above, is their product development manager. She says their Deep Sleep product is an idea that came out of the pandemic, when her team realized there was no longer a separation between home life and work, and people were feeling stressed out and anxious. 

“Getting a good, restorative sleep isn’t easy, and we know from the research that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health,” says Hauswirth, who’s quick to differentiate her product from a sleeping pill, adding that it’s neither a sedative nor reliant on melatonin, and instead draws much of its power from the all-natural Reishi mushroom.

“The goal is to help people adjust their circadian rhythms in a gentle and safe way, in which our customers wouldn’t become reliant on our product, but would receive help when they felt wound up, or are having a harder time to relax before bed.

Deep Sleep gently helps you fall asleep and keeps you there until the morning. 

The full ingredients of Deep Sleep—available in tasteless, odourless capsules—are 100mg of Organic Reishi mushrooms, 100mg of Theanine, 50mg of GABA, 50mg of Magnesium and 1.5mg of Melatonin. Everything is natural, and nothing disrupts the body’s natural flow.

“The Reishi mushrooms are the star ingredient, and we use the whole mushroom, from the root to the fruit,” says Hauswirth, adding that the ground mushroom helps adjust stress levels and brings down the cortisone spikes, signalling the brain to tell the body that it’s time to unwind. “Deep Sleep combines Reishi mushrooms with gentle botanicals and it quiets the brain without disrupting the hormones.

Deep Sleep has been designed to help someone fall asleep, stay asleep and relax the muscles and the mind.”    

As runners, recovery is as important as our hard training runs, and so much of that process occurs while we sleep. Without sleep, it can be very difficult, if not completely impossible, to reach long-term goals. (And we all know what kind of choices, nutrition and otherwise, we make while exhausted; one recent study even proved that crankiness increases in proportion to our lack of sleep). Deep Sleep, which is just one Genuine Health product favoured by runners—including elites like the Runner’s Academy’s Brittany Moran—was recently sampled by nearly twenty competitive marathoners at BlackToe Running in Toronto, who were asked to complete a survey about their experience with the product. While that information is still being tallied, we wanted to invite runners across the country to learn more about Deep Sleep and decide for themselves. 

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Personally, I’ve been using two capsules of Deep Sleep two or three nights a week for about two months while I train for the Hamilton Marathon, and I’ve been sleeping better, while waking up refreshed in the morning, and not experiencing any brain fog. For Lauren Hauswirth, my experiences match her own and they’re at the cornerstone of what she endeavours to build at Genuine Health. 

“If you’re not sleeping well, you’re chipping away at all of your body’s systems and opening yourself up not only to anxiety and depression, but also chronic disease,” she says. “I think we’re offering research-based products made with high-quality ingredients that will help make people feel better. For a lot of people, that starts with a good night’s sleep.”    

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