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    Merry Christmas


    It’s a tough day to be away from family. So we did the best we could and sent Ray a picture of Kathy and Mia.

    “Hi everyone this is Kevin from the South Pole Quest Team, and err merry Christmas to all. It’s a beautiful day today here in Antarctica. Ummm. We passed 86 degrees today and ahh  feel like we’re really moving towards the pole. Ahhh… conditions have ahhh changed a little bit. Ahhhh…The snow is softer now ahhh.. making things ahh… ahhhumm more difficult for ahh Ray, but ahh… ahhh… not as, as hard for us with our skis. Ahhumm but it’s sort of magnificent weather today and made us made ahhh… really happy, but unfortunately we’re still very sad that  we’re not home, with our families, it’s a tough hike. And our distance today was actually 19.2 miles, which ahhh, nautical miles, which is ummm.. a good effort considering the conditions. So keep tuned and we look forward to speaking to you all, K, bye now.”

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