No Category selected Michelle Boyer tests the Skechers GOrun 2

    Michelle Boyer tests the Skechers GOrun 2


    “iRun because it keeps me balanced both mentally and physically.” ~Michelle Boyer

    The following is a guest post by Michele Boyer, who tested the Skechers GOrun 2.


    The things I love about these shoes are how comfortable they are and how they convinced me to reconsider my stance on minimalist shoes being just a passing fad. Normally when I break in a new pair of shoes, or change brands, my body takes a bit to get used to the change, but these shoes there was no getting used to them, they felt like they were made for my feet specifically. The only way to describe this is that my body was craving to run in these shoes each and every run.

    The only downside that I found is that I couldn’t run with Yaktrax on them.  They are so light weight that the Yaktrax just didn’t fit and hurt my feet.  I am an outdoor all season runner so I am trying to look at different options to see what I can do to wear them in the Ottawa winters.

    I wore these shoes solely in outdoor runs which varied from dry to icy pavement.  My runs ranged from 5K to 11k and I never noticed an ounce of pain from running in these shoes during my runs regardless of the distance.  I did notice some calf soreness a day later on the first couple of runs but that quickly went away in the second week.  Overall, the things that surprised me on these shoes is how well they grip the pavement in non-icy conditions, how warm my feet stayed at -20C despite the toe box being very thin material, and never suffering a single blister in them.  These shoes always made me feel like they were custom made for my feet and I wanted to run in them each and every run.  I can safely say that I am now a minimalist shoe convert because of these shoes.


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