Gear Mizuno Breath Thermo® Review

Mizuno Breath Thermo® Review


Dekel Chui – Mizuno Ambassador

The change of season brings change to my running gear. It happens every season, trying to dial in the perfect combo for protection and perspiration. One day, I could be in a singlet and shorts, another I could be in a long-sleeve top, gloves, and shorts. It’s mismatched, and it’s fun. I try to follow the general rule to dress for 10ºC degrees warmer than outside temperatures. Letting the run generate warmth and not overheat. It’s a good rule to follow when I have climatized to the new cooler temperatures.

I gather two to three sets of clothing to mix and match since some parts of my body may feel hotter or cooler than others. I usually bring out the gloves first since I can’t stand my fingers being cold. Seeing the set together gives a good visual of all the options to go up or down a thickness depending on the weather. A running cap or beanie for the head. Light long-sleeve top or half-zip top. With an option to add in a windbreaker jacket for windy days and a short base layer for colder days. Lined shorts, tights, or lined tights for my legs. Short socks, mid socks, or long socks for the feet. Lighter fast shoes for dry smooth roads or Mizuno Wave Rider GORE-TEX for wet and slippery conditions.

Give mix and match a try, you may find a combo best for your tempo days and a different set for the easy long run days. Check out the Mizuno Breath Thermo® lineup that keeps me warm without the bulk.

Leanne Chisholm – Mizuno Ambassador 

Just because the weather is changing, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate or move onto the treadmill. As long as we know what to wear, we can continue to run and enjoy the great outdoors at any temperature (and I truly mean any!). Figuring out what works for you as a runner or winter outdoor sports enthusiast can take a lot of trial and error – not every person is the same. 

After many years of running through Canada’s (sometimes volatile) seasons, I’ve realized I need to have a simple combination of apparel to keep me going year-round. While shorts and singlets are the summer staple, as we move into fall, the shorts stick around for awhile as I transition to long sleeves on the top. As the days get colder, light tights and long sleeves before we move into the winter layers. My top winter layers generally consist of a tight short sleeve base layer, a long sleeve and an outer shell that breaks the wind. I’m a big fan of the running vest and will often wear them right through the winter on the milder days. It keeps your core warm and protected, but you won’t overheat like you can in a full jacket. For the bottom, investing in a good pair of lined winter tights is worth it. As someone who tends to run hot, I’ve discovered a beanie or toque only works for me in extreme temperatures. A headband to cover the ears is generally perfect for me. While you don’t want to be caught underdressed, overdressing can be just as detrimental.

Mizuno’s Breath Thermo® is my go-to for all outdoor activities – it allows you to wear less layers or bulky clothing but still stay curiously warm. Breath Thermo® fabric uses moisture lifted from the skin to generate heat keeping you warm in the chill of winter months. Keep your eye on the temperature before each run and make a note to yourself on what you wore and how you felt. This will help you better plan for future runs as the temperature continues to drop. As the days get shorter, make sure you are incorporating bright colours, reflective gear or some clip-on flashing lights for safety.

Mizuno Wave Rider GTX

Lastly, when I switched to Mizuno Wave Rider GORE-TEX shoes in the winter, it was a game changer. Keeping my feet dry and warm made a huge difference, particularly on long runs. The new Mizuno Wave Rider GTX features a rugged outsole which is great for traction on snowy days before sidewalks have been cleared and the sneaky slush puddles.

Shop Mizuno Breath Thermo® at your local running retailer or online here.