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    Model Runner: Queen of Chess Makes Her Move





    She’s the undisputed Queen of Chess.  Alexandra Kosteniuk is the reigning Women’s World Champion.  Wife, mother, chess prodigy turned legend, Model, Internet icon, Alexandra is also a high performance runner.  I sat down with her last week to talk Chess, running, and how she manages it all.  Alexandra, what is your favorite Chess opening and why?




    I used to always play the Sicilian defense as it fit my attacking style very well, but then I matured and now prefer the Ruy Lopez. The Ruy Lopez helped me become Women’s World Champion last year, I played it very often with both the white and black pieces.




    I also use Ruy Lopez although I like to call it Spanish Torture.  Tell me Alexandra, you are also famous for your running accomplishments.  You have a 5K PB of just over 21 minutes.  How does running influence your chess? 





    Running is very important for my overall well-being. I try to run every morning, regardless of where I am and whatever the weather is. After I run I feel good and it puts me in a good mood, I’m ready for my chess training or anything else I have to do.




    Do you set goals for running like you do for chess?





    Yes I always set goals when I run. But since I am not a professional runner, my goal is simple, always to run faster than the day before 🙂 Of course I set a base time at the beginning of the training season, and a deadline day, for example the day before an important chess tournament.




    You have a family, are the best female chess player in the world, you run very fast, you have a successful website and podcast… how do you manage your time?





    I just don’t waste time doing useless things. To be serious I also have the help of my family, my husband for the web and my Mom for helping with the baby, without them everything would be much harder.




    By useless things I hope you are not referring to the hours I spend cutting and pasting our heads onto chess pieces.  Tell me Alexandra, who is your chess idol?






    I don’t have any chess idol, I admire all world champions and try to learn from all of them.





    Thank you for your time.  And thank you dear readers.  I would like to recommend Alexandra’s podcast to you.  You can find it at



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