Gear My Desert Island Shoe, by Brittany Moran

My Desert Island Shoe, by Brittany Moran


I am a chiropractor (The Runners Academy), Nike Toronto run coach and founder/run coach (StrideWise Running). But at the root of it all I am a lifelong runner. I first started to run when I was in elementary school, I first fell in love with running because I could beat the boys and it has been a love affair ever since. I ran varsity cross country and track in high school and at the University of Windsor. After graduating I started to run further completing my first marathon in 2014. I have since run eight marathons all under three hours with a personal best of 2:36:23. Shortly after my first marathon I made the switch to Nike Zoom Pegasus as my go to shoe!

The Nike Zoom Pegasus was first introduced in 1983 and this is the thirty-seventh version; so you better believe it is an iconic shoe. Personally, I have been using the Nike Zoom Pegasus as my go-to shoe for the past four years. I love it so much that I just named my brand new kitten ‘Pegasus’ after the shoe (see pic). And I am not alone in the Pegasus being my go-to shoe, it’s the perfect combination of comfort and reactivity. I typically use it for easy runs but could certainly do a workout in it as well.

They feel great on the foot and honestly most of the time I do not think about my shoes (which in my opinion is the highest compliment you can pay a running shoe). I also have Nike Zoom Fly, Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbos and Nike React Infinity in my running shoes rotation (my shoe closet is very full). There is research to say that having more than one pair of running shoe in rotation can help decrease injury risk. But I definitely wear the Pegasus the most!

If I had to choose just one shoe to run in for the rest of my life, it would be the Nike Zoom Pegasus. The thing I love about it is it’s so versatile. And if an athlete asks me for a recommendation for just one shoe, this is what I would recommend for them as well. It is the shoe you can count on to help you through whatever run is on the training schedule for the day!

These days I am running a lot and so have been doing lots of relatively easy mileage which means lots of time spent in the Nike Zoom Pegasus.

I am super excited to try the Nike Zoom Pegasus 37, specifically as they have made some intriguing updates. They’ve added ‘React foam,’ which makes it lighter, more responsive and more durable. And they have also made specifications to the women’s and men’s shoe. The Zoom Air Bag is now two times as thick, which will lead to more energy return to the athlete. And lastly the upper is lighter and more feather-like, while still having a fit band to secure your mid-foot. 

If that does not make you excited to try a shoe I do not know what will. Who knows, you might even find a new name for your next pet.

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