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    My Secret Is Not A Secret Anymore

    A proud moment. The new Road2Hope medal

    Shhhh.  Can I tell you a secret?  I am really good at keeping some secrets.    But some secrets are too good to keep.  This is one of them.

    I have been running with a really nice lady named Roxanne for a couple months.  Roxanne had a secret of her own.  She owns a trophy making business.  Her award making business can provide things like trophies, giftware, resin figures.  But the most important thing she does is to make medals for events.  Doesn’t matter what kind of event, she can do it.  Go to her website, you can see all kinds of information about what her business does.

    The secret that isn’t a secret is the new medal for the Road2hope.  Roxanne has been given the task of getting the newly designed medals ready for November.  She promises the medals will be ready and a work of beauty.

    A proud moment.  The new Road2Hope medal
    A proud moment. The new Road2Hope medal

    I am so excited to be able to show you the new medal that Esther had commisioned.  The artist is Peter McCluskey of McCluskey Design.  The medal is just amazing. It is going to look just beautiful when it is presented to the finishers of the races.

    I can’t wait for the first mock-up of the  medal Esther gets to show her runners.  There will be no holding back her enthusiasm for the sport or the city she loves so much.  And it definitely won’t be a secret.

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