Gear My Sports Bra Drawer Needs Replenishing: Joe Fresh x Sasha Exeter: Reviewed

My Sports Bra Drawer Needs Replenishing: Joe Fresh x Sasha Exeter: Reviewed


The comfortable, affordable activewear we’ve all been craving!

As a runner, my laundry bin at the end of the week consists of 90% workout gear, and 10% ‘other.’ As I gear up for the Chicago marathon this fall, I’m lifting, hitting a speed workout, or running LOTS of long, easy miles daily—meaning I’m always feeling like my sports bra drawer needs replenishing.

The hard part: why do I have to break the bank to find a pair of sweat-wicking, comfortable and cute pair of shorts?! Affordable, proper-fitting workout gear is impossible to find… until now. You can tell that this line, Joe Fresh x Sasha Exeter Run Short, was made for runners—by a runner.

The split short is a dream—enough coverage to feel comfortable, yet enough movement to feel free in your stride as you pick up the pace. I particularly love the breeziness of the short during my hotter summer runs. The waist band sits just below the belly, not pushing against or pinching at the waist, but again providing me the coverage I feel comfortable in pairing with a sports bra vs. a longer shirt on a hot day. Bonus—the shorts include an inner pocket to tuck a card or house key.

Joe Fresh and Sasha NAILED the sports bra—it’s a hard task to create a higher neck line with support, without feeling constrained. The bra sits just below the collar bone, allowing for easy breathing, and the open back is both functional, AND stylish. The price point of both items is unbelievable—finally, a brand that understands that athletes shouldn’t be price constrained to feel comfortable in performance pieces. Well done, Sasha and Joe Fresh!