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    Ottawa Marathon 2009


    Marathon #14 and ninth consecutive Ottawa marathon is in the bank.

    Finishing time: 3:48:34

    Hadn’t run very much over the last three weeks due to ankle issues, so was a bit nervous going in.

    Went thru the first 10km in 50:41 ( a 3:33 marathon pace). Knew I should slow up a bit but was feeling pretty good.

    Hit the half-marathon mark in 1:47:22 ( a 3:34 marathon pace). Ankle was holding up nicely but i was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to hold this pace.

    Hit the 30km mark in 2:34:46 ( 3:37 marathon pace)….I was slowing a bit but was still confident of being able to bring it in around 3:40, which was my original goal.

    At 34km the wheels fell off the bus as I was hit with one nasty cramp after another in my right calf. I’d run a few minutes, then the calf would pop again and I’d have to walk it out for a minute or longer. Did this, run/walk, run/walk for the last 8km…..brutal. Funny how I was worried about my ankle and it was my calf that caused me all the problems!

    The good thing was that the ankle really did not bother me much over the marathon…only the last 2km or so

    Given all that I was happy to come in at 3:48…..the day turned hot over the last 10km so that might have had something to do with the cramping problems…..

    On to NYC marathon in November……time to beat there: 3:40 from last November