On Saturday October 10, 2015, iRun magazine brought together the best from the world of Paralympic athletics for a fashion shoot and dressed them in the winter’s most stylish running clothes. It was a gathering that inspired not only because of the tremendous athletes in attendance—Jessica Lewis, Curtin Thom, Renee Foessel, Isaiah Christophe and Austin Sm

eenk—but because of the extraordinary attitude on display. All of our athletes have overcome enormous obstacles. But none of them feels sorry for themselves. Instead, they achieve magnificent things. Paralympic things. Things that people had told them, at one point, they’d never achieve. Well, the stars of our 2015 iRun winter fashion extravaganza have reached great heights, and all of them are just getting started, with the Olympics on everyone’s mind. Thanks to companies like Under Armour, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Brooks, Sporting Life and Skechers for dressing our athletes. What follows is a brief behind the scenes look at

a day that no one in attendance is likely to forget any time soon. The story comes out in the December issue of iRun, available across the country and online. Remember what you see here next time you think you’re too tired to go out for that run.