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    Pass the Kleenex and the Race Entry Forms


    I am so excited to try something a little different today!  My Aunt Dianna sent me a link to this really amazing site.  Along with this warning …”Get Kleenex before viewing!” 

    I am the type of person that cries at Hallmark commericials, so the warning was not unusual.     Don’t be like me and click on the last link first. 

    I started crying right then and didn’t stop.  This is a challenge the fine folks at Nova came up with a couple years ago.  Take 12 sedentary people and get them ready to run the Boston Marathon.  Then film what happens while they get ready.

    The five part series was just incredible.  I love Nova to begin with, but just couldn’t believe what an amazing piece turned out with the Marathon Challenge!  It is inspirational.  And full of information. 

    I hope I have given enough credit to the folks at Nova for this amazing documentary.  The site is just incredible.  It is packed full of all kinds of information.  About the mechanics of running.  About how we runners have to overcome our own minds and sometimes our bodies as well. 

    There is information about the runners themselves.  And what lead them to believe in themselves enough to take on the challenge of running the Boston Marathon! Several time Boston Marathon winner Uta Pippin shares her views on the pyschology of running.

    The best part about this Marathon Challenge is that it isn’t limited to marathon runners, there is information that can be adapted by runners of any distance!

    Enjoy and thanks to the fine folks at Nova, get ready to be motivated! Click on watch online to see all five parts!

    Nova Marathon Challenge

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    A runner for almost two years, Terry recently had the mildly traumatic experience of trying to find a flattering pair of running pants (“Isn’t running about pushing personal boundaries and just getting out there and moving? Except when you don’t look in the least bit like Paula Radcliffe.”). But although she may have been a bit embarrassed by “helpful handsome guy” at the store, she keeps a great perspective through her running experiences. Pushing through a number of injuries early in her running career, she got right back to training for her next race. “The feeling of elation when I crossed the finish line is unimaginable,” says Terry. Sounds like she’s hooked for good!