at the races Qualifying for the Boston Marathon at the Servus Edmonton Marathon

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon at the Servus Edmonton Marathon


Qualify for Boston with the Servus Edmonton Marathon

The Boston Marathon is a dream for runners all over the world, but you cannot simply register – you must qualify, and it is getting more competitive. If you are interested in the Boston Marathon, look to run your BQ (Boston Qualifier) at a course perfectly suited for a new PR (personal record) – like the 2019 Servus Edmonton Marathon!

It is certified. First things first, the Servus Edmonton Marathon event is a certified Boston Qualifier marathon course. This guarantees that the course has been properly measured by an experienced measurer and that the marathon is the full distance as advertised with a maximum discrepancy of 10 meters.

It is flat. The out and back style course in Edmonton is flat and fast with very little elevation gain allowing runners to achieve a BQ or a new PR. The maximum elevation is 673m and the minimum elevation is 642m resulting in a change of only 31m throughout the marathon.

It is your last chance. Registration for the 2020 Boston Marathon begins in early September and runners can get their qualifying time at any certified marathon in the 12 months preceding the registration. Maybe you are the kind of person who likes to wait until the last minute to do things or maybe you haven’t managed to qualify yet, but the August 17th-18th weekend is one of your last chances to get that BQ!

It is affordable. Entry costs for most marathons range from $60 to $300 with more popular races and bigger cities tending to have a higher entry cost. Although the Servus Edmonton Marathon is a more popular race in the capital of Canada’s Alberta province, entry fees range from $105 to $135 depending on when you register.

No crazy weather conditions. In August, you can’t ask for better weather for running. August in Edmonton consists of cooler temperatures in the morning around the beginning of the race and warmer temperatures later in the day around completion.