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    Congrats to the Ottawa Kids Marathon organizers on the way they handled the distribution of the race kits! I received 109 race kits at school for the students who are running on Sunday and everything was in perfect order! Great!

    The kids were all quite excited to get their gear…..a very bright green race shirt, a personalized race bib, and a timing chip. I spent a few minutes going over the important stuff like:

    1. Wear your bib on the front of your tshirt. You can always pick out the race rookies because they wear the race bib on their back.

    2. Make sure your timing chip is tied securely into your shoelaces…..there were a few kids who have velcro straps rather than laces so we figured out a way to attach the timing chip to those ones. Not sure if many adults have that problem.

    3. Smile when you cross the finish line….keep your hands away from your bib number so the camera can get a clean shot of you.

    4. Above all else, have fun……this is a Kids Race so run with lots of spirit and smiles!

    5. Say thank you when a volunteer gives you your medal, and congratulate the finishers around you!

    6. Thank your parents for bringing you downtown to the race early on a Sunday morning!

    The training is done…the race kits are passed out…..have fun and run strong!