Training Record breaker Melissa Bishop in new Q&A

Record breaker Melissa Bishop in new Q&A


IAAF World Track & Field Championships Beijing 2015. Day Eight PM, August 29,2015. Photo: Claus Andersen

Melissa Bishop broke the Canadian 800 metre indoor track record yesterday in Ireland. Bishop, 27 and from Eganville, Ont., just outside Ottawa, already holds the 400 metre indoor record. Bishop was on the last cover of iRun and that magazine is still available at the best independent running shops around the country or online, for free, right here. iRun’s GM Ben Kaplan reached Bishop en route to Glasgow to capture her reflections on becoming Canada’s fastest woman, again.

Q) First of all, congratulations. You’re in Ireland. You just set another Canadian record. How will you celebrate your victory? 
A) I’ll celebrate my victory by racing one more time in Glasgow—perhaps setting another Canadian record.
Q) You’re like a machine, you just don’t stop. At what point in your race did you think you could set a new record? 
A) There wasn’t a specific time during the race, it was a goal of Dennis [her coach] and mine going into this race.
Q) So it was your intention going in?
A) Yes.
Q) How do you currently feel? 
A) Great, just gearing up for  the next race on Saturday (Glasgow Grand Prix).
Q) Aren’t you going to celebrate even a little bit? Kick off your shoes and drink a beer?
A) Not yet. For now, rest, massage, good hydration, good meals and lots of sleep. You have to treat your body well for it to recover well.
Q) So many people see you as a role model. What from your training have you learned that might help someone else? 
A) Just that, that you really need to rest. It took awhile for me to learn that, but it helps.
Q) Seriously though: after breaking another Canadian record, no celebrating? No Guinness pints? 
A) Currently no Guinness pints—maybe on Saturday after all is said and done. To be determined!
Q) Lastly, and this is important, you were on the iRun cover in February. Would you consider being on our cover again?
A) Absolutely. I’d love to be on the cover again.