Gear Reliability and Comfort on All Types of Runs: ASICS New GT-2000 11...

Reliability and Comfort on All Types of Runs: ASICS New GT-2000 11 Shoe


Weight 235g, heel height 22mm, forefoot height 14mm

ASICS latest legacy shoe, the GT-2000 11, provides an upgrade in material, including recyclable content, while maintaining its reliability.

What’s new

Like the NOVABLAST, ASICS has incorporated the lightweight FF BLAST foam technology, a change from the FLYTFOAM in the GT 2000 10, to provide greater bounce and energy with each step. The female shoe is 3g lighter than its predecessor (based on US women’s size 8), even though it is 1mm higher in both the heel and forefoot height. For males the weight difference is 5g (based on US men’s size 9).  

The midsole is ASICS LITETRUSS construction that provides the shoe’s stability and is lightweight with plush support. The responsive midsole helps to propel you forward as your foot pushes off the ground.

Gone are the days of shoe overlays, the construction of the shoe is breathable mesh and at least 50% of the shoe’s main upper material comes from recycled material. It makes for a very comfortable fit without any obstruction from the natural shape of your foot. The toe box is roomy and ASICS also offers this shoe in D-width. Be assured of the cushioning and breathability of the shoe from the moment you slip your feet into the seamless OrthoLite sockliner to the end of your run. The OrthoLite Foam is made from 5% recycled content.    

The 1mm of extra ASICS LITE rubber on the outsole doesn’t add weight to the shoe and is partially due to the cellulose nanofiber biodegradable material.  

Run experience

A very stable shoe with a nice responsive kick that provides a smooth and steady run. It’s a lightweight shoe from ASICS FF BLAST foam, but doesn’t lose any of the stabilising features of the shoe due to the midsole feature. Any inward twisting during landing is mitigated by the midsole construction as experienced on uneven trail surfaces and sudden divots on the road.

Navigating winter conditions in the GT 2000s, while either road running or doing intervals on gravel, is made possible because of the AHARPLUS (High Abrasion Rubber) outer sole material. This has a durable, abrasion-resistant material that delivers on cushioning. The construction of the sole also allows for an easy transitioning between hard trail surfaces to smooth sloping paths.  


Although there are new tweaks to the ASICS GT 2000-11, it continues to provide peace of mind in reliability and consistency for running. I’m looking forward to putting the training mileage into these shoes, both tempo and long runs, and I won’t hesitate to spend $180.00CDN on a pair of these shoes.

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