Racing Running from LA to Vegas with the Calgary Marathon

    Running from LA to Vegas with the Calgary Marathon


    The team behind the Calgary Marathon has a race they’re competing in to get ready for their own race weekend and it sounds like an amazing adventure: run from LA to Vegas.

    “560 kilometres and the record is something like just over 36 hours and when I heard that, it sounded awesome. I figured we had to take a shot,” says Ari Sarantis, a 47-year-old lawyer and member of the Calgary Marathon board who first brought The Speed Project ultra relay race to Run Calgary’s attention.

    Soon, Sarantis had enlisted two men and is working on securing the final woman to join the core team of speedy, sorta nutty Albertans, who plan to run as hard as they can and compete in The Speed Project to win. And there’s another dimension: the Run Calgary race squad is opening up two slots on the team to Albertans as a competition, and we’re announcing it here: one man and one woman can win an all-expense paid trip to run from LA to Vegas as part of their team.

    “Send us your race times, tell us how competitive you are and make sure you play nice with strangers, because it’s going to be more than 36-hours cooped up in an RV,” says Sarantis, with a laugh.

    If you’re interested in applying, and are from Alberta, you can send in your submission here.

    Prior competitors suggests the best strategy is to run the first half in 10K splits and then change; switch to 5K splits when the going gets tough, like running-an-ultra-in-Death Valley tough.

    Good luck to everyone who enters. There’s also a pool party in Vegas the day after the race, so participants must be over 21.