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    Running takes no vacation


    So three weeks ago I was at my wits’ end with the deep freeze here in Canada. I needed out. In a spontaneous moment, I booked our family of five on a cruise during the March Break holiday, and then invited some awesome friends to join us.

    Now, I know what all of you in the throws of your spring race training are collectively thinking right now, “Well, there goes one week of training.” or “Where is the pro to tell this amateur she’s a dork?” Well, I’m proud to say, that although I did not stick to the training regime religiously, I did get most of my daily training. Not to mention that I spent time on the treadmill, in the ship’s jam-packed gym. A small price to pay for the ocean view that I had to run towards for a whole week.

    I’m not going to lie, it is great to unplug. And since running has always been my sanctuary, it is the thing I look forward to doing on my vacations. Here, running isn’t rushed or squeezed in to my daily schedule, but it becomes my true leisure time. I was in that gym enough that I actually figured out which treadmill was the only one that was not on a maximum 30 minute limit. I would happily wait for its availability and pound out the miles until I started to get dirty looks from the other passengers waiting for their turn.

    Coming home is always a welcomed return after a vacation; especially when you are greeted with the first tell-tale sign of spring. Upon our return, I was enthusiastically greeted by my trusted running partner, Jarvis, who wore the most unmistakable scent of spring, skunk and a few miles in the fresh air should rid him of that.

    Renewed and rejuvenated, this week I am back in the saddle. With my plan to hit a 16-mile run early in the week, as well as an 8 mile run at a 7:03 min/mile pace and 10x800m at 6:10 min/mile pace, I’m hoping to enjoy the warmer weather. Then next week, I’ll be focus on gearing up for Around the Bay 30k in Hamilton. Believe it or not, spring is final on its way and like many of you, I’ll gladly keep on running!