Nutrition Running Your Body: Advice from a Dietitian and Runner

Running Your Body: Advice from a Dietitian and Runner


Eating right is not easy as the best of times. We get it. Right now your stomach is calling (Doritos and Ben & Jerry’s, am I right?) and your kitchen is likely less than twenty steps away, 10 steps if you are condo living right now. Not to mention, you might not be running as much as you would normally be at this time of year. Or maybe you’re running even more but not factoring in the right nutrition. Either way, this is not a recipe for success, in any area of your life. That’s why, on this weeks’ #iRunTalks Wellness, we’re talking all things nutrition with Cara Kasdorf, registered dietitian and co-owner of Blueprint Nutrition in Waterloo, Ont.

Kasdorf is also a runner and a mom of two how understands the struggles that parents, families and just about every runner is having right about now, in particular when it comes to healthy eating. “There’s a disconnect between how way may be feeling, our training and finding that balance in our new normal and having the right strategies to be making good nutrition choices,” she says.

With 13 marathons (PB: 3:13) and many half marathons over the years, Kasdorf realizes that some athletes take an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to nutrition. For the past 14 years she has worked in the area of sport nutrition, working with a range of athletes from children to adults and weekend warriors to elites. Factor in all the time spent at home, and Kasdorf agrees its not only difficult to keep your nutrition plan on track, it’s even more tricking when it comes to dealing with cravings simply because we are so far out of our structured lives. (Pass the Doritos and Ben & Jerry’s please! Am I right?) We asked Kasdorf fast five questions including her post-run indulgence and favourite race to give you a snapshot of what we’ll be covering. And you can ask her more on Wednesday at 12pm EST when we talk with her LIVE on iRun’s Instagram!

How many marathons have you run?  13 full marathons (PB 3:13) and many many half marathons (PB 1:28).

Favourite race and why?  I love the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis/St Paul. It was one of my first full marathons many years ago, and then I ran it again for my 30th birthday. This race has a great course, it’s really well organized, and at the beginning of October which is at the perfect time of year. 

Favourite post-run snack? I usually have breakfast right after my run which is a smoothie or oatmeal.

Favourite post-run indulgence?  Cinnamon buns or waffles! 

Where are you looking to race when we can again?  Now that my kids are out of the baby stage (they’re 2 and 5), I’m looking forward to doing a full marathon  and doing Boston again soon! 

What’s your biggest takeaway from this time of isolation that you are going to bring with you as we restart? The importance of family time. Although there have been lots of stressful times, it’s amazing how connected we’ve all become by spending so much time together instead of rushing around to different activities.