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    Running your first half or full marathon at STWM? Make your race memorable and one to be proud of with these tips


    If you’re running you’re first half or full marathon this weekend at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, you’ve picked a special race with a gorgeous course filled with positive vibes throughout. That being said, you may still be feeling nervous. Thankfully, we have some seasoned marathoners and experts with some simple tips to make your race experience special.


    Ben Kaplan (@irunningben), author, sub-3:00 marathoner and iRun boss man:

    1. Arrive early and bring a trash bag to keep warm before the race.

    2. If you can’t sleep the night before, let it go. Performance will not be dictated by that. I can never sleep the night before and neither could Prefontaine.

    3. Try and have a friend somewhere out on the course. It’s a really cool moment when you give someone you love a high five while racing.

    Rachel Hannah (@rachelhannahrd), elite runner and Pan-Am Games bronze medalist:

    1. Run even pacing throughout.

    2. Hydrate early and often. Hydration guidelines vary person to person and depend on temperature but a general rule of thumb is to aim for 0.6-0.8 litres/hour of racing.

    3. Enjoy the moment and prepare your finishing pose.

    Andrew Chak (@andrewchak), iRun’s very own Obsessed Runner:

    1. Go to the expo on Friday. More selection, first access to swag, and allows you to rest on Saturday.

    2. Study the course map and get to know the neighbourhood cheer squads – it gives you something to look forward to.

    3. Wear something distinctive to make it easier for friends and family to spot you. If you wear something more like a costume, you’ll definitely get more cheers.

    Heather Gardiner (@catchingheather), Tribe Fitness founder and cheer station leader:

    1. Pace yourself at the start. You’re running uphill to Bloor. Don’t get caught in the excitement and gas yourself out too soon.

    2. Look out for the TTC tracks! As much as you want to get caught up in the moment and let the energy of the city pull you through, keep your attention on your feet and stay clear of the tracks along Bathurst.

    3. Enjoy the sights and sounds. I love the sights of this course as it winds through some of my favourite areas of Toronto. As for sounds, Toronto’s epic run crews will have you motivated and inspired right until the finish line. You’ll find my crew, Tribe, just past 18km. Need a power up high five? We got you!

    Best of luck to all running their 1st, 2nd, or 100th race this weekend!