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    Saturday’s Run!!!


    What a great day for a run…..that is if you were able to go out before 11:00 when the downpour started! 🙂 Thankfully I managed to coax myself into going as soon as I woke up and avoided all the rain. That’s not to say that I didn’t have a couple of things trying to deter me from going.  First off I got completely ready, went out side, turned on my Garmin and while I was waiting for it to start up turned on my Ipod only to discover that instead of where there should have been a steady green light indicating all was good, there was a green and a yellow light flashing and since no music would play I could only assume that it meant things were not good. (A quick look at Apple’s tech website today confirmed that everything is not right with my little shuffle.) So off I went without music and thinking that this was going to be a tough run without the extra motivation of hearing some good tunes!  My first 2km or so are down a road that use to be awesome to run. It use to be all farm land with a couple of little farm houses and the occasional cow but now it is built up with what looks like hundreds of houses and because of the rain we have had plenty of mud!  Once I made it through the mud and onto the next stretch of road where there are no houses the only people I saw where those passing in the occasional vehicle a large number of cyclist’s and one other runner!

    Overall I completed 12km (yeah!) without too much discomfort.  Sure I could have used the music at a couple of points near the end but without it I had some time to think about a few things that I thought I would share:


    1)      Cars – why is it that you can be running on a stretch of road where you can see for a KM in each direction, yet when you see a car approaching you from the front and quickly turn and see one coming from the back that they always pass right beside you?  It’s like the drivers of the cars speed up or slow down so they go flying by you and the other car at the exact same time!!

    2)      Gel Packs – I learned something about Gel packs today, they have an expiry date!  I took mine at about the ½ way mark and thought it tasted a little funny so I checked the back and sure enough, exp Mar 3/09, was stamped on there very clearly!  Time to check my stash for good ones!

    3)      Cyclists – Here’s a riddle for you. How do you pick a runner out of a group of cyclist’s?  Answer:  He/she is the only one that waves and says good morning. 

    4)      Blog topics – hmmm can’t share those it may give the others some ideas.  (although from the look of how many entries they have done I don’t think they have any trouble coming up with things to write about, I’d like to know where they get the time!)

    5)      Music – Maybe I don’t need it to have a good run, today’s run felt great, but there sure are times when you are getting close to the end where a good tune could help get you through that last km! 🙂

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    A banker by day, 35-year-old Tyler recently decided to train for a marathon. And by "decided," he means that "my wife has given me permission to train for the full." A dedicated family man with two young children (a three-year-old and a six-month-old), Tyler says it's a constant challenge to find more time to run. He says that his wife wants him to run because it's good for his heart, but he's slightly suspicious that the real reason might be because his body "was beginning to look more and more like a pear," and "she doesn't like pears." We wish him the best of luck in becoming the fruit of his wife's dreams!