Gear Shoe review: ASICS GT-2000® 10 Shoe

Shoe review: ASICS GT-2000® 10 Shoe


The ASICS GT 2000® 10 is my favourite all-distance, multi-purpose shoe.

Finding a functional shoe to optimize all types of workouts is a challenge: the GT 2000® is one of my all-time favourite staple trainers. I’ve taken these sneakers for a speedy 5k time trial, a longer marathon-pace workout, and everything in between confidently. The shoe never lets me down. It’s also a perfect shoe for training while travelling—one shoe that you can comfortably hit all of your workouts in. ASICS did a fantastic job with the feel of the shoe on this latest model—it’s definitely one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve slid on, with a soft-knit upper and bouncy midsole. I’m also a huge fan of the colours—a super fun, feminine colour that makes me feel a little bit lighter every time I lace up. 

ASICS GT-2000®10 in Sheet Rock-Pink Rave colour

I’m a heel-strike runner, and the gel in the rear foot is fantastic for shock absorption, creating that bouncy, stable landing on my faster workouts. It’s my runner that makes me feel safe and protected. The foam throughout the midsole is the perfect balance between durability—to prevent my foot from rolling when I’m striking on my quicker runs—and flexible, allowing for the feeling of running in a sock or glove. Weighing 8.4oz, the shoe is a perfect lightweight, trusted option. Recovering from the Boston Marathon, I feel safe doing most of my runs in the GT-2000®, knowing that they have the support and cushioning to take me out for a ride while my body recovers from a heavy race and training block.  

ASICS GT-2000®10 in Mist Blazing Coral colour

I’ve been sporting the GT-2000’s as my stability shoe of choice for my last few seasons—it’s the trusted and loved staple that I can count on. The recent additions of the Flytefoam and GEL technology have brought the absorption and comfort levels to a new height and I feel like I’ll see the results in my 2022 finishing times. I owe the GT’s a massive thank you in getting me through my marathon cycle injury-free, and race ready.

If you’re looking for comfort, security, and functionality—I’d definitely recommend the GT-2000®. 

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