at the races Shoe Review: ASICS MAGIC SPEED 3



As a passionate physiotherapist, I have always understood the importance of finding the perfect balance between performance, technique, and proper footwear.  I recently had the pleasure of participating in the UA Toronto 10km race. This remarkable event provided an excellent opportunity for me to put the new ASICS Magic Speed 3 ($160) to the ultimate test. 

Let me tell you, these shoes exceeded my expectations—and delivered an unforgettable running experience.

From the moment I laced up my MAGIC SPEED 3, I could sense their exceptional design. The full-length carbon plate (amazing at its price and a groundbreaking feature of this shoe), provided an immediate sensation of lightness and agility. The energy return from the carbon plate propelled me forward, allowing me to maximize my speed while preserving the integrity of my movements. As I laced up, I could feel the shoe hugging my feet with a snug fit shaped perfectly for my foot type, ensuring optimal stability and minimizing the risk of discomfort during the race.

One of the standout aspects of the MAGIC SPEED 3 was their ability to enhance my speed without compromising my technique.

As a physiotherapist, maintaining proper form throughout the race was crucial to avoid injury. I was delighted to discover that these shoes provided the perfect balance between propulsion and stability, enabling me to maintain a consistent and controlled running style. 

The MAGIC SPEED 3 also offered excellent cushioning, a feature that greatly contributed to my comfort during the race. The midsole foam absorbed the impact of each footfall, reducing the strain on my joints and muscles. This cushioning played a significant role in helping me maintain my pace and stay focused as I neared the finish line. 

Each stride propelled me forward with an unmatched energy return, allowing me to push harder with every step. This responsiveness was particularly noticeable during the final stretch of the race when fatigue started to set in. Instead of succumbing to exhaustion, the shoes seemed to fuel my determination, motivating me to maintain my technique and drive toward the finish line with a surge of adrenaline. 

I couldn’t help but appreciate the role that these shoes played in my achievement.

The MAGIC SPEED 3 managed to strike the perfect balance, offering a high-performance feature without sacrificing the overall weight or comfort of the shoe. I appreciated how this shoe prioritized both performance and comfort in the design of the MAGIC SPEED 3, ensuring a truly enjoyable running experience. And affordable, too! 

The MAGIC SPEED 3 truly unlocked my potential as a runner, and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to elevate their performance. ASICS has once again demonstrated their commitment to excellence, and the MAGIC SPEED 3 have undoubtedly earned their place as a top-tier running shoe. The day after the race, my entire body—legs, shins and feet—felt strong and healthy without any residual effects, compared with my previous experiences in a carbon plated shoe. I look forward to future runs with my MAGIC SPEED 3 shoe. 

David London is a registered physiotherapist. Follow him on Instagram, by clicking here.


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