Gear Shoe Review: ASICS, Novablast 4

Shoe Review: ASICS, Novablast 4


Coming off of a successful training block for the NYC Marathon, my legs now need a little TLC. I need a steady, dependable daily trainer to get me through these easy months after completing my goal race.

While I didn’t win it, I pushed myself to a PB I’m pretty proud of in The Big Apple. So right now I am deciding if I should jump into another training block for a spring marathon, or just enjoy the next few months without a plan. Either way the ASICS Novablasts 4s are great for long runs, short spins and everything in between.

Compared to its predecessor, the Novablast 3, the newer version has an overall higher stack height, but the same 8mm drop. The new shoe is 10mm higher in both the heel and the toe respectively. The midsole is made of what ASICS calls FF BLAST PLUS ECO foam, made from approximately 20% bio based content using renewable sources.  My first observation is that they are very plush and somewhat flexible, and have more than a decent amount of bounce to them. 

My first run after the marathon is in the Novablast 4s. A few kilometres in and I’m not disappointed at all. There is no break in period and the turnover feels light and easy. Great energy return as I roll across lower Bayview and up Rosedale Valley Road, toward midtown Toronto.

The Novablast 4 is true to size and gives a secure lockdown. I don’t feel any heel slipping and there is plenty of room in the toe box. This is a breezy run and I feel the benefits of the highly breathable woven upper here as well.

They weigh 225g in a women’s size 8, 5 grams more than version 3. The men’s size 9 weighs 260g, 7 grams heavier than the last version. Overall they are pleasantly light as I increase my effort heading uphill on Yonge Street.

ASICS says the Novablast 4s have a “trampoline inspired energized outsole.” I feel this as I enjoy an almost effortless downhill on Yonge. I keep my head up and enjoy a smooth ride.

The next day I lace up and head towards the water. The Martin Goodman Trail is my go to for long runs. This day feels different than the Summer Saturday mornings because there are no time goals, no gels to pack and no pressure. The Novablast 4s are stable and comfortable as I push west along the water, thinking of my group of women who put in the work this season for big goals.

Do I want to run another marathon this spring?

Overall, ASICS keeps consistency alive in the latest edition of the Novabasts. They are suitable for the new runner, someone considering their first marathon, or contemplating their next one.

*ASICS Novablast 4 will be available December 8, 2023, click here for more information or visit your local running retailer.

*Please note, the date of December 1, was listed as the launch date, and we apologize for any confusion.