Gear Shoe review: New Balance 1080v12

Shoe review: New Balance 1080v12


It’s not just that the 1080v12 from New Balance feels so soft, it’s that the cushioning combines with a responsiveness to make the shoe feel comfortable, but also fast. The best of both worlds. An update on the popular New Balance 1080, which I’d recommend to almost anyone, this all-purpose neutral training shoe is good for speed work and long runs and, at $200, it’s a good value for a durable shoe.

It’s hard to find anything not to love about this New Balance shoe.

New Balance says if it made only one shoe it would be this, and it is a running shoe for everyone. It weighs 292 grams and has a rubber outsole and the Hypoknit upper offers seemingly invisible, reliable support. Some comfortable shoes feel edgeless, but these still have good grip on the road and keep a runner connected. It’s practically—at the risk of hyperbole—a perfect shoe, which is good reason why New Balance keeps updating their flagship model. Super shoes are the latest trend. But everything they lack—for instance, durability and affordability—the 1080 has in spades.

Made from renewable resources and updated with a stylish kick, the 1080v12 from New Balance is exactly what you want to take you through summer and to your goal race this fall.