Gear Shoe review: Saucony drops the near-perfect Ride 14

Shoe review: Saucony drops the near-perfect Ride 14


The plush, comfortable new Saucony shoe is called Ride 14 but every time I wear it I automatically think: “Let go and enjoy the Ride.” It’s because the cushioning, fit and foam create as smooth a running experience, where the outsole and toe box perfectly align, to make the fourteenth generation of the Saucony workhorse a kin to a Lexus sports car. Light, but sturdy, the perfect vehicle for chewing up kilometres, the Ride 14—with its neutral fit—is designed for maximum acceptance: it’s hard to imagine the runner who couldn’t find comfort in this elegant $165 shoe.

In an interview with iRun, Tokyo Olympic marathon competitor Trevor Hofbauer, who signed with Saucony in January, praised the brand for the width of their shoes, specifically as opposed to his Nike VaporFly Next %. This dimension, usually attributed to New Balance, adds to the lushness of the fit. The Ride 14 envelopes the foot, offering security and reassurance without forcing unnatural, even painful, movements.

I tested the Ride 14 on both a mile time trial and 25 kilometre long run and found the shoe a dependable partner. Responsive, and weighing 9.4 ounces (8.4 ounces for women), with a 8mm offset, the Ride offers something absent in the most recent carbon-plated shoe wars: durability.

It looks nice, too.

My fondness for the Ride might be my COVID-19 hangover, perhaps a pandemic-found appreciation of heartiness and a simple reconnection with the joy of running—an experience I’ve come to cherish with no watch or planned workout, just a simple jog along the waterfront. I found myself repeatedly retreating back to the Ride 14 long after I’d completed enough runs to review the shoe. In 2021, I prioritize comfort, value, and security. With so many unknowns still facing Canadians in this second pandemic summer, I feel proud to recommend the Saucony 14 Ride.