No Category selected Snottikty Snot snot… blech. (To the present day we go)

    Snottikty Snot snot… blech. (To the present day we go)


    I sit here with sandpaper in my throat and a big glob of phelgm has taken over the normally empty cavity in my head and I am sneezing all over everything.

    This weeks derailed training is brought to you by the number zero (miles) and the letter K (for not Kle*nex)…

     no kle*nex was shown or said in the showing or saying of this picture.

    Jumping from late 2009 to right this  moment is a little weird. But you deserve it, because you are awesome. Yes! You!

    I’ll get back to the.. um… back story. But for now I’ll tell you about… um… now.

    I hired a coach after pretty much floundering through the last 18 months. As a family, we endured and survived some tough economic times in that… um… time. yeesh, sorry for all the *whatever using the same words is* , must be the combination of Cold FX, Nyquil and Robitussen, with a super tasty Iced Capp chaser. In any event, we had a really difficult year, that did not lend itself to a pile of training runs…

    Speaking of Iced Capps: Please, if someone hold the door for you at Tim Hortons, ALWAYS give him back his place in line. You are lucky they don’t lock the door on you next time you jack@$$. this totally happened to a friend today, he was not pleased, he totally didn’t mutter nasty words under his breath and because his head is so stuffed with mucous that it was probably not loud enough for the **** fine fellow to hear.


    oh gawd… the drugs are turning me stupid.


    What was I… OH yeah! I hired a coach.  5 weeks ago. A super good friend from in here (the internet), who went from a chubby runner to a Boston Qualifier in only a few years, then went and got his coaching certification. I hired him last month as I was committed to a half marathon on the 29th of this month but mostly because I wanted to have all winter and spring to train for my very first marathon, the Calgary at the end of May –13.

    First 3 weeks? They went great. Got all my workouts in, and after a few really great runs in week 3, running felt like riding a bike…. um.. Sorry. that makes no sense either. running feels like running.

    End of week 3 was a tidy little 14k run that went good. I was feeling really super.

    ‘was’ feeling good.

    Right about that time, my son started Kindergarten. It took a total of 3 days to infect our house with the bug de jour. Andrew got sick first. That wasn’t so bad as he’s a kid and can just pretty much lay around all snotty and sweaty without affecting much for timelines and schedules. What got me personally at this time was the end of summer in my work life. Events and lunches and functions and all sorts of busyness that stole my running time. Dang it. I missed one run, then another, then it feels like it’s going to be hard to get started again. Crappity crap crap crap. grr. (replace your favourite swears for the craps and the grr). Then my wifey got sick. Andrew and his little healthy body rebounded well, with not too much down time but holy shmoly did Traci take a nose dive into phlegm lake. It was just a mess all around. Between a couple of corporate golf games, a staff drunk picnic and running to the drug store for kleenex and Dayquil, there went the week. It just blew by.

    Which takes us to this week. Long run Sunday just blew by with nary a running step to be had. Andrew and I hightailed it out of the house to leave Snotty McWife to her sofa and Y&R. We went on a couple photowalks and saw a junior football game. That was it for Sunday.


    To be honest, I think I misled coach. I felt pretty good for my runs, but I was right on the edge of my current comfort level, while ramping up too quickly for this half marathon. I was pretty afraid of my 17km training run (mostly it was because I was running by myself and I didn’t think I could stand myself for that long. I mean, to have to constantly convince myself to keep running can get pretty monotonous) Especially when I didn’t really want to be out there.

    Normally I can outwit my body with my brain. Mini goals during the run. trying to run so smooth that my jiggley bits don’t jiggle as I approach other runners amuses me for short stints too (the smooth running is a goal of every barefooter/ Minimalister anyway). Something was off tho. I just had zero energy or ambition.

    Well, that lack of energy lasted for Monday and Tuesday, and after my golf game yesterday I could feel the ominous lump in the back of my throat growing all day. Well… after nearly getting my second ever hole in one, it was all down hill.

    hole in two

    By the time I got home I was the new snot rag in the house.

    My head feels like what I imagine pop soda feels like in the bottle before you open it. Just a constant pressure with the occasional pressure release disguised as a disgusting sneeze.

    So where does that leave me? Well, probably not running my 10k race this weekend. BUT, I hope to have an easy and social half marathon the following Saturday. Then coach and I can *virtually* sit down and plan the next 8 months of training out.

    Aight, I need some more meds so I can crash tonight… thanks for reading! Vote for Pedro! Check me on twitter too, as of press time I am only 556 follows away from 1000! Almost there!!!