No Category selected “Snowmageddon” Snowshoe Run!

    “Snowmageddon” Snowshoe Run!


    It’s pretty messy here in Ottawa today! We’re forecasted to get about 25cm of snow. When I woke up, I was excited to get on my snowshoes and go for a little run with my dog. Jax and I didn’t trek far, but we had a great time! If you live in an area that gets lots of snow, I’m a big advocate of running snowshoes.

    My suggestions:

    -You don’t have to go as far, so plan a nice short route. Trust me; you’ll get a better workout than your average run.

    -If you have longer socks, that’s probably better to protect yourself from the snow kickback. I’d also have a good jacket, and weather proof pants for the same reason.

    -Don’t time yourself, it takes a lot longer and might bother you. I went on a route where I knew the distance!

    This morning’s run below: (A bit choppy, but….you still can get the fun from it!  Enjoy! )

    This Morning’s Snowshoe Run

    Here’s to you and a white Christmas!














    1. Hey Dusten. Just checked your morning run and It looks beautiful. Reminds me of by-gone days. Keep it up. Have a great Christmas .

    2. Wow, you are one dedicated soul! All that was missing was one of those cool kegs strapped under Jax’s collar … for emergency purposes.

    3. Wish I was there watching you from the window having a nice glass of egg nog with Sare!!! (definitely too cold for these Victoria legs!!) Glad the shoe shoes are working for you Dusty!

    4. Love your enthusiasm!! Trudging through the snow was the closest I came to running. I still worked up a sweat, does that count? LOL

    5. no snow where we are……we are celebrating Christmas in the land of the runners….Ethiopia …..somehow it doesn’t seem the same…..we do see many running groups training….Merry Christmas….Ron and Anne and Family…

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