No Category selected Steps always look higher, viewed from below

    Steps always look higher, viewed from below


    Training my butt off from September – February – check.
    Competing in : 200m, 300m and 400m indoor races– check.
    Legitimately no longer University athlete, as they travel
    to Canada-West and CIS National Championships – check.
    Year five of my indoor seasons complete – check.
    New/strange feeling – check.

    I have to tell you, it’s a different world as a non-CIS athlete.

    While the workouts are very similar, likely due to the fact that I’m still with my University Coach, an athlete’s world is changed.

    Our transition to the outdoor season (expect big things!) is underway.
    The workouts are very core-strength based again and the weight lifting sessions are light but include obscene amounts of repetitions. *Oww! My forearms & shoulders*
    And while more circuits and medicine ball workouts are likely in my future, this also means that HURDLES will be thrown back into the mix. I have sincerely missed them.

    So while it has officially become a different world, it’s one I’m ready to be a BIG part of.

    I do hope everyone is managing to stay warm! I know from my experience, the prairie winters tend to become a tad testing at this point.
    *glances at calendar*
    I await the slushy-spring and actual outdoor workouts with baited breath.

    PS – To all new iRun Bloggers! WELCOME! I look forward to reading all about your “adventures on the run” 🙂