No Category selected Sue Wemp tests the Skechers GOrun Ride

    Sue Wemp tests the Skechers GOrun Ride


    “iRun to expand my physical and mental limits.” ~Sue Wemp

    The following is a guest post by Sue Wemp who tested the Skechers GOrun Ride.


    Pros: These light weight shoes have a generous toe box. The midfoot strike aligns the body so your core is engaged prompting better run posture.

    Cons: Can’t go slow in these shoes. Not good on gravel roads or muddy trails.

    Overall: These neutral shoes worked well with my orthotics and the mid-foot strike only felt weird for the first 20 minutes of their first outside run.

    I wore them on back to back long walk/runs of 13 & 26 miles (yes, miles) in preparation for the Goofy Challenge. While I did develop blisters on my 13 miler, I blame it more on my altered stride on the treadmill than the shoes.

    They definitely prefer road or groomed trails. I noticed that I spent more time picking out large gravel than with other shoes.

    My running form was better with my core naturally engaged as a result of the mid-foot strike. I was running faster without extra effort even on hills! I unintentionally had my fastest 5 & 10k training runs of the year in these shoes. They just want to go fast!

    I LOVED these shoes!


    About Sue Wemp:

    Back-of-the-packer with aspirations to qualify for Boston at some point in the near future, several marathons, one 50k and, as of 2013, Goofy Challenge finisher!

    Follow her on Twitter: @MarathonSuzieQ