Racing Take the Racing Survey and Make Your Voice Word

    Take the Racing Survey and Make Your Voice Word


    You’d be amazed to know how powerful your voice is. To know that when you email the Calgary Marathon or the Canada Running Series, the folks behind Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and the Waterfront 10K, that it’s the race directors themselves who read your emails. You can dictate your favourite races. You have a voice and we want to—need to—listen.

    Along with our friends at PilotPMR, a strategy and design agency with a creative director who runs, we’ve come up with a Racing Survey: how environmentally sustainable is your favourite race? What do you think about T-shirts and medals? Do you have an opinion about water, pricing, inclusivity?

    This is a link to the survey.

    Running isn’t passive. And nothing is set in stone. Tell us what you think about where you’re racing. Change can happen when everyone’s pitching in.



    1. Answered survey. As an aside,. I find American races more entertaining. Bands beers flags national anthems beers! Think Boilermaker, Syracuse 1/2. Doing Philadelphia this year and will compare with Toronto. Hanging in Nathan Phillips square is really not fun. Just a place to take a break before shower and heading.out for a well deserved beer.

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