Training Take Your Training Outside

Take Your Training Outside


It’s time to take it outside; enjoy the summer, sunshine and blue skies! Why workout outside…why not?

Taking your workout outside mixes it up. It breaks up your routine. It challenges your body and mind while at the same time giving you a refreshing change from the interior of you gym or fitness studio.

Even better, you can accomplish multiple tasks and make the best use of your time by taking your workout to the great outdoors. How you ask? Well, let me tell you.

At the park with your children, don’t just sit there, get your workout on! Kids are playing in the yard, get on our there and workout! Take advantage of the gorgeous weather because we all know that it’s short lived.  Maybe your spouse is outside gardening, carry bags of dirt, lift potted plants and you can instantly join your spouse outdoors, even if gardening isn’t your thing.

Your strength training routine does not need to be difficult.

From push ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, tricep dips. At a park you can use what is around. Consider the bench or picnic tables as your multi-station because these items really are the best pieces of equipment. Step-ups, one leg lunges, push ups, tricep dips, jump ups (carefully), plank, knee tucks, leg lifts, squats, sit-ups, can all be done with a bench or a picnic table.

Once you establish your work out spot, you can turn your exercise program into an interval workout.  Pick a distance to run to from your picnic table or bench and between each sprint, perform 12 to 25 reps of one of the above exercises.

I know some of you will say you don’t like the heat,  the bugs or you don’t want people looking at you. Fair enough. But trust me, taking your workout outside challenges your muscles differently. It’s a great time to get creative or break out of a rut.

Outdoor Training Essentials:

Plenty of water

Bug spray

A mat or towel for the ground and your sweat

Sunglasses for two reasons: To keep the sun out of your eyes and so you don’t make eye contact with anyone.

I love taking my workout outside. I like to think it might inspire someone to go and do something active.

About Carrie Burrows

Carrie turned her life from around from being obese to being fit. She studied Kinesiology at York University after she began a journey from being 225 pounds as a teenager and decided that she would dedicate her life to helping others realize the benefits of being fit and healthy. She is the CFO (Chief Fitness Officer) of Health and Fitness Systems Inc. where she has helped turn the lives of hundreds of women and men around through fitness, nutrition and training programs she designs. Carrie runs and designs several boot camp-style fitness programs along with corporate fitness/wellness programs, and still finds time to take on personal training clients while raising her three children to be fit and healthy. She is an avid mid-distance runner who loves to book “racecations” while still chasing a faster minute mile. Carrie knows firsthand the two worlds of being unhealthy and fit and believes that, “Anyone with a goal, dedication and support can become who they want to be.”

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