Training Tammy Butler found her Strong

Tammy Butler found her Strong


Tammy at Mud Crawl

Congratulations to Tammy Butler of St. John’s, NL, who found her strong and won the Grand Prize of head to toe Saucony apparel and footwear! Thanks to everyone who shared their Story of Strong! Canada has an amazing community of runners!

Last year, I decided to run my first marathon as a member of the Arthritis Society’s Joints in Motion Training Team which took place on March 17, 2013. This meant that I had to train in Newfoundland over the winter months for a spring marathon. As a person with sports-induced (and environmentally triggered) asthma, recently diagnosed (in my 30’s), running has been my way of saying “yes, I can” to all of those that say “you can’t …” or “you shouldn’t”.

I managed to train outdoors until around mid-January, when I was forced to move my runs indoors due to a bout of bronchitis. I figured a couple of weeks inside would have me all fixed up. But that would not be the case. It turned out that I would have to train entirely indoors as my ‘bout’ of bronchitis lasted three months, finally letting up just a week before I was to depart for Rome, Italy.

Let’s just say that training for a marathon on a treadmill is most certainly THE BEST mental training you could possibly do for such a challenge. After running 30 and 32 kilometers on a treadmill, in my basement, by myself, with nothing but my tunes (I drift if I watch tv) … I was ready for an outdoor marathon in any city, let alone in Rome!!

I raised $6,500 dollars for The Arthritis Society while working full time and training for my marathon. Running in Rome was an amazing experience and certainly the place to go for a first marathon. The cobblestones were a little more than I bargained for, but I had an amazing first marathon experience. I felt completely relaxed before the race began and just enjoyed everything around me throughout the marathon, taking photographs the whole way! After the marathon, I was shocked to hear the words “I could do that again” come out of my mouth as I stepped out of my hotel room shower! I felt so good at what I had accomplished! The words were out before I realized I was going to say it … so, training on a treadmill must have done the trick!

Since completing my marathon that mental training really has stuck with me. Post-marathon I ran my fourth Tely 10-Miler (July), participated in a 5K Mud Immortal Obstacle Course (September), and ran my fourth Cape to Cabot 20K Road Race (October). I plan to run the Deer Lake 67 Ultra Marathon (67K) next August and my fifth Tely 10-Miler and Cape to Cabot 20K in 2014!

My asthma may slow me down, but I will not let it stop me from taking on new challenges and making improvements on old ones!

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  1. So proud of you Tammy I knew you could do it your a fighter , your my big sister and I love you very much , I don’t think I would be able to do what you do . Maybe one day I will go and race in the tely 10 with you 🙂 again we are proud of you and you can do it I know you can

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