Mark Sutcliffe: My Running Life Thanks for your incredible support

Thanks for your incredible support


One of the great things about doing a run and raising some money is the incredible show of support you get from family and friends.

I put the word out about running 42.2k on the day I’m 42.2 years old and I’ve been blown away by the encouraging messages and the donations to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. Please have a look at the list of donors so they get the credit and recognition they deserve.

When I run my marathon on Saturday, I’ll be thinking about how blessed I am to have the support and generosity of family and friends.


  1. Great story! Great idea Mark.After listening to the podcast I was inspired to run with you today as well. I ran 23k this morning in Richmond Hill Ontario and I was thinking how fortunate we really are. I hope a cure is found soon!

    Paul D

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