Training The All-in-One Lower Body Stretch

The All-in-One Lower Body Stretch


Stretch four different muscle groups from one position

By Pamela Mazzuca HBSc. Kin, Athletic Therapist

We have become a society of multitaskers – always juggling mulitple balls in the air at the same time. Even our strength training has shifted to combination exercises – maximizing our workout time by doing multiple exercises at the same time. And now here is a 4-in-1 stretch to add to your post-run routine to cover all the major muscle groups of the lower body. From a kneeling position you can stretch your hip flexor, fascia, quadriceps and hamstrings with just little shifts to your position. Hold each part of the stretch for six seconds before moving onto the next position. Repeat on both sides two to three times.

Kneeling Hip Flexor, Fascia, Quad and Hamstring Stretch

How to do it – 1) With your hands on your hips, kneel on the ground and place your right foot flat on the ground in front of you so that your ankle, knee and hip form 90-degree angles. Keeping your back tall, tilt your butt under you and push your hips forward as much as possible. Hold for six seconds. 2) To intensify the stretch and target the fascia, reach straight overhead with your left arm and lean slightly to the right and hold for six seconds. 3) Drop your left arm, bring your left foot to your butt and hold it there with your left hand while keeping your butt tucked under and your hips pushed forward to stretch your quadriceps. Hold for six seconds. 4) Lower your left foot back to the ground. Straighten your right leg and pull your right toes up towards your shin as you push your butt out behind you and lean forward over your right leg, keeping your back flat. Hold for six seconds. Switch sides.



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