Mind and Body The Best Quinoa Salad You’ve Ever Made

The Best Quinoa Salad You’ve Ever Made


A colourful, plant-powered, nutrient-dense and complete protein quinoa salad that’s easy to make and delicious to enjoy for either lunch or dinner!

By: Pamela Santaluce


4-6 servings quinoa

2 cups organic spinach, chopped

red cabbage

1/3 up chopped red or green onion

2-3 carrots

2 tbs chia-seeds

2 tbs sesame seeds


1/3 cup of apple-cider vinegar

½ cup olive oil

sea salt + pepper to taste

2 tbs honey mustard or 1 honey and 1 regular mustard


ONE: Cook quinoa in salted water and set aside to cool.

TWO: Chop spinach, red cabbage and onion. Grate carrots.

THREE: In a separate bowl, mix ACV, olive oil, salt/pepper to taste and honey-mustard.

FOUR: Place quinoa at the bottom of your serving platter, layer chopped veggies over top. Pour dressing all over (adding extra olive oil if you prefer) and sprinkle a handful of chia and sesame seeds to complete.

Pamela Santaluce is a Toronto-based certified personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and healthy eating advocate. She offers holistic nutrition and writes more about health and wellness at EatFitLife.com.