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    The End is Only the Beginning


    VICKY and GRANT:
    Will Rogers once said:”We can’t all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.”  Dear runners, let us all gather at the curb and clap as our new Running Blog Idol, Karen Karnis, goes by and crosses the finish line!  Congratulations Karen!

    Also, congratulations to all the contestants.  All of you were wonderful bloggers and brought your own unique perspective on the sport of running to the iRun blog family.  We wish you all the best in your future adventures!

    We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our guests on the Vicky and Grant blog.  Your humour and sometimes bizarre answers have allowed many of our readers to find motivation, inspiration and humour in your words.  Thanks again to all our interviewees whom we’ve listed below in order of blog posts:

    -Simon Whitfield
    -Lauren Groves
    -Alexandra Kosteniuk
    -Terry McKinty
    -Geordie McConnell
    -Evélia Manac’h
    -Julianne Chai
    -Laura Hood
    -Heather Beauchesne
    -Yuen Yee Ho
    -Tim Scapillato

    Thank you to iRun Magazine and the whole iRun family for allowing us the creative freedom to truly show our blogging and running personality.  We had tons of fun coming up with blog ideas and even more fun writing and photoshopping for our readers’ pleasure.  Although we will truly miss blogging for iRun, we will be leaving with many lessons and new ambitions as we each pursue the craft of writing on our own path.

    Finally, thank you to our friends and our family and to those of you who visited.  It’s been our pleasure to try to entertain and enlighten you.  We really appreciate that you took the time.  It’s a wonderful feeling to feel supported when you go out on a limb and try to do something creative.  Thanks for the feedback and the good wishes.  It means a lot.

    Have a safe journey everyone and remember…keep on running!

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    Self-described “running nerds,” Vicky and Grant are co-workers who “spend their lunch hours at the nearest bookstore and will often be seen around the office getting excited about a new energy bar or running gadget.” The duo captured our attention with their unique (double) take on Running Blog Idol, pledging to address a host of different topics including Canadian running heroes. Their submission to our contest even included a sample vlog (available at, which they promise is “but only a mere example of the lengths we are willing to go in order to share our experience, knowledge, research and general ramblings.” Holy multimedia, Batman!