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    The Fun Run


    I’m so excited (and a little nervous) to be part of iRUN’s Running Blog Idol 2.0. What started as a double-dare to myself has turned into something much, much bigger.

    So what started this all? I needed a change. I needed to shake up my routine and ‘run’ outside of the box. In short, I was looking for some fun.

    I came across this quote the other day on Twitter:

    “A lot of people say they love running because of how they feel afterward. Not me. Well, I love that, too, but it’s also so much fun while I’m out there.” — Dick Beardsley

    I thought it summarized my feelings regarding the purpose of my blog. How many times have I pushed myself out the door for a run, only to finish up truly exhilerated and energized by it. Tons of times, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

    But how many times have I truly had fun while I was running.

    I’m talking about real fun…when you laugh out loud to yourself, have a stupid smile on your face and even exclaim out loud (to no one in particular),” This is fun!

    I haven’t been running regularly very long, maybe five years. But even in that time, I can only think of two times that I felt that way…two!

    1) Was a long run in the middle of  a snowstorm.

    2) Was my first real trail run.

    I’m not saying these are the only two runs I’ve ever enjoyed. I enjoy running. Some times more than others. But I really just want to make it fun again. To remind myself why I have this hobby at all.

    I hope you join me on my journey as I try to rediscover the fun in my run.

    I’d love to hear iRUN nation about your fun too. Tell me about the last run that you did and truly had fun while being out there?


    1. My favourite runs are similar to yours. A couple of trail runs that I’ve done recently, and any time I’ve run in the rain. I think it’s because running in less than perfect weather makes me feel so badass!

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