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    The road less travelled


    This summer I discovered the joy of trail running.

    You have to understand, this was the first time I have ever ran on trails. I live in Niagara and have access to some of the most beautiful trail out there.

    On top of the beauty, these trails include some killer hills as I live halfway up the Niagara escarpment. Sadly, I have only come upon this discovery quite recently. I was oblivious to this treasure trove of running joy that is literally in my own backyard.

    But discover it I did. And I had to share the love.

    How can you not enjoy running when you are looking at this!

    I’m inspired and motivated each time I step onto the trail. I got hooked in the summer, but in the fall the trails are even more beautiful. How have I missed this in my running adventures for so long?

    Just makes me want to run!