at the races The Top 2022 Races as Picked by iRunNation

The Top 2022 Races as Picked by iRunNation


The holidays are a great time for 2022 race planning. Do you have your spring race picked out yet? How about the races that will warm you up for your goal race? Looking to hear what our readers are getting ready to train for, we asked the readers of iRun Nation about their favourite races. Here’s the most popular responses.

50th anniversary of the BMO marathon. I have never run a full marathon in my own town.

All of the Happy Trails races!

The London Marathon!

Prince Edward Island Marathon. Running a half marathon, fall, 2022.

Any in person non virtual race! With crowd support, water and nutrition stations, high fives and hugs (and a banana at the finish!) Hopeful for a safe return to those races.

To which one reader responded: Come trail running, we already have that stuff. (I definitely miss my FivePeaks family).

Venture Marathon, Mississauga Marathon, Berlin, Chicago and NYC marathons!!!

Around the Bay 30km in March and the Ottawa marathon in May. Registered for both. Let’s go!!

Army Run in Ottawa. (This unique fall event received more than five votes. Note: Sportstats times the event and iRun participates every year.)

Around the Bay (Again, this Hamilton staple, older than the Boston Marathon, is one of our reader’s favourite races, timed by Sportstats, and always a hilly favourite with the magazine.)

Lots of people said they’re running the Ottawa Marathon and we heard lots also say Calgary Marathon.

Foxtail 100 by Happy Trails!

Perhaps the most interesting response was this: Camino de Santiago, Spain. 800 kilometres in northern Spain over 35 days. I’ve been waiting over 3 years for this.

Canadian Death Race. #GoDeathRacer

Indiana Trail 100. My registration has been deferred for two years now.

Disney Dopey Challenge. 4 races over 4 days with 4 friends. Rode a rollercoaster during the marathon. Best bling ever (see picture up top).

My favourite has always been the Edmonton Marathon. It’s a fast and flat route and I have been a pace bunny the past few years, pre-COVID. And of course the Death Race and Sinister 7.

The PEI Half in October—well run, well marshalled and a very challenging/hilly last 8K! Also an excuse to visit one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

I’d love to do Tally In The Valley with Happy Trails Racing this summer. Unique format and they always put on fantastic events!

I will be running the Antarctic Ice Marathon this December, then a marathon in Chile in March to complete running all the continents. Also doing Vancouver First Half, Chilly half Around The Bay, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Comrades Marathon in South Africa and many others.

Syracuse Half Marathon in March – it’s definitely got some hills in the first half, the swag is always generous (whole jackets!) and there’s free breakfast and beer afterwards.

I recently did the Crystal Beach 5k. Founded in 2005 this race attracts a great amount of entrants both Canadian and from abroad. The day I ran the race in the virtual setting was the day my friends and I did the virtual Terry Fox run in Chippewa wherein in a voice in my mind said: honour Julianne, honour Terry. That day I ran with my heart with my friends at my side under the team captain Ryan Racine. We paid tribute to those we carry in our hearts.

Canada Army Run in the fall. Specifically the Commander’s Challenge (5k followed by 1/2) for me, although they also offer a 5k, 10k, 1/2 as well as the Vimy Challenge (5k then 10k).

I am doing The Chilly Half, ATB, Mississauga, Pelee Island, and the IronGirl Sprint.

Fat Ass Trail Run in Batawa – everything from 5K to 6-hour ultra to the kid’s Big Bum Race and the shirts are great! 

Still looking for a 2022 race? We’ll be collected more favourite races from our readers and looking to hear your story about what’s next! Interested in sharing, email iRun editor Ben Kaplan at, and good luck finding new finish lines.