at the races The View from the Back

The View from the Back


Read Cyndy McLean’s uplifting perspective on her experience at Guelph-Eramosa parkrun. 

Getting up and out of the house before 9 am in not my strength but on a beautiful late summer morning I found myself at the start of the Eramosa River Trail parkrun.

I even managed to talk my partner, Sylvain, into joining me for his first 5K. This was quite an accomplishment as he has previously stated he’d only run if chasing a ball on the tennis court or if being chased by someone else.

You get to enjoy the sunshine on your face, the clouds in the sky, the coloured leaves that have fallen on the path and the occasional paddler canoeing on the river.

For those that might not consider themselves “a runner” or are worried they walk too slowly, don’t hesitate in coming out to parkrun. Everyone has been very welcoming and encouraging and there is a celebration of everyone’s ability.

Just come out and you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride in being part of a wonderful community.

Thanks to the organizers and volunteers of parkrun for creating such an inclusive and accessible event.