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    In running, much like life, the smallest changes can lead to the biggest results. However, sometimes when all those little changes are no longer providing what you’re after, it’s time to make a BIGGER change.  Now, I’m not talking ‘new $200 shoes’ big here, I’m talking: new perspective, new approach, new attitude BIG!
    Because it’s rarely ever the first few steps or miles that really wear us down, it’s when we’re in it for the long haul – the last metres, the last mile  … that’s when we find ourselves in the breakdown.

    In running, much like life, we struggle. The moments when that voice is muttering the “just give up”, the “I’m tired”, and the “maybe I should just quit”. Fortunately, it is through the act of coming out on the other side that these struggles become tools to help us grow stronger. Think of them like little personal tests you provide yourself – and by now you know how to get the A+!

    Remember what you stand for; remember why you do what you do!
    Do not compromise when making that extra effort – because it could be that extra 1% that is going make the world of difference.

    Whether you are entirely motivated, or finding every excuse in the book: in running, much like life, when you are willing to match your actions to your true feelings – anything is possible; you will achieve personal greatness!

    Maybe this all sounds like just another grouping of random words that couldn’t possibly apply to your current situation.

    Or maybe, it’s exactly what you’ve been needing to hear.

    “There is nothing wrong with change, if it’s in the right direction.”
    -Winston Churchill


    1. Now before I go and read all these articles I need to first know one thing… did you write all of these, Cassie? Cause if you did, I can’t wait to read!!

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