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    Training on Antartica Day 2


    “Today was incredible we got out for about four and a half hours of training. Our sleds at this point, surprisingly with all of our training food and additional gear that we are bringing to actualy go with your sled in training, are close to…   say around 190lbs each. So it makes for some pretty tough pulling, but we been putting down some fantastic miles in training, we’re very excited. The only slight, minor setback is Kevin had some food poisoning yesterday, and he has come out of it today and was stepping right beside me and Richard said “you know Kevin’s feeling good when he’s taking lots of photographs and doing lots of film making”. So another great day, we’ll do a training day tomorrow, another day off, and then it’s off to Hercules inlet. Here’s Kevin”….. “Ahhh happy Kevin here on the phone, very unhappy Kevin here yesterday and last night, where unfortunately I spent most of the night in the toilet and the toilet here is an outhouse, so when you are sticking your face into the toilet, its far from pleasant; but what ever awful thing I got ingested seems to have exited me and I’m feeling better now, so today was good….. four and a half hours, and hopefully things will turn out well, I feel great now and I guess this is to be expected,  over and out from Antarctica and we’ll be talking tomorrow”.

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