Mark Sutcliffe: My Running Life Turning Ottawa Race Weekend into a neighbourhood run

Turning Ottawa Race Weekend into a neighbourhood run


Borrowing from the New York City marathon, Ottawa Race Weekend is turning its half-marathon and marathon courses into a neighbourhood run. The race has always taken runners past the major attractions in Ottawa like Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal. On the new course announced this week, runners will now run through historic parts of the city like Little Italy, Chinatown and West Wellington.

For runners who’ve done Ottawa before, it will make for a fresh experience. I talked to one runner this morning who was so excited about the new course, he registered for the marathon immediately. For anyone new to Ottawa, it will be a chance to run through much more of the city than on the old course. And the new course will likely bring out many new spectators since it will pass through a number of residential neighbourhoods that it never touched before.


  1. I am super-excited about this! So much easier to cheer for the marathoners when I don’t have to drive downtown, find a parking spot and push through the crowds. I can just walk up the street! I think I may try to locate a cowbell in time for race weekend.

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