at the races Unpacking the ASICS Noosa Tri 13

Unpacking the ASICS Noosa Tri 13

ASICS Noosa Tri 13 shoe

Throughout my career, I practiced transitions regularly. This took place in my bedroom, hotel rooms and parking lots around the world! I wanted to be able to get into my shoes fast. I wanted to be able to race sockless. I wanted something breathable that would not get heavy when drenched with water. My racing shoes had to be lightweight but still have enough structure and stability to accommodate my flat feet and my orthotics and not leave me injured post-race. The ASICS Noosa 13 checks all of my boxes and may even tempt me to come out of retirement. And for the beauty conscious, these fast shoes are a makeover for your feet!

My feet are a challenge so if I can run pain-free in these shoes then trust that your foot will find a comfortable home. I typically run in either the ASICS Gel Nimbus or Cumulus or GT 2000. So, day-to-day, I am a support and stability-seeker, adding a dash of cushioning on the side. 

This shoe is flashy (or stunning?)! The rainbow colours and the fun-speckled sole will be spectacular in transition as they wait for you to quickly slide your foot into the one-piece knit upper. The heel-pull tab and the grip on the tongue make it simple to push your foot into the shoe while the elastic laces (which accompany the shoe), provide the usual elasticity for even faster transitions. However, if you prefer traditional laces, you can add the lace-lock device for a fast escape out of T-2. 

The inner liner is seamless and comfortable so socks can be optional. This is factual. I tested it sock-free and returned home unscathed. 


One feature I loved was the new GUIDESOLE rocker, which allowed me to run smoothly off of my big toe without calling on the deep calf muscles for push-off. That is something that will come in handy at the later stages of the longer triathlons when muscles tend to cramp at the slightest acceleration. It was helpful for my flat feet since I could propel myself forward without engaging my deep foot muscles. 

The midsole is constructed from ASICS FlyteFoam delivering a comfortable ride and absorbing the impact of each foot strike. Yet, there was still enough stiffness to allow a faster turnover and energy transfer. I felt completely stable yet cushioned—without bounce. 

I loved that my foot felt “fully-enclosed” by the shoe. It fit like a glove without feeling tight likely because of the strategically integrated sock-liner. 

I had no problem going from my typical 8 mm stack height to the Noosa’s 5 mm fit and I love that my orthotics fit perfectly. I have met many triathletes who ditch their custom insoles on race day since they don’t fit their racing shoes. That is ill-advised. Running fatigued off of the bike, which is guaranteed on race day, can increase the likelihood of injury. Whether you have good biomechanics or rely on custom orthotics, a thoughtfully engineered shoe like the ASICS Noosa Tri 13 will allow you to avoid the injury cycle that can be provoked by ill-suited racing shoes. 

The ASICS Noosa Tri 13 has both personality and good looks! It is a brilliant lightweight training and racing shoe for both runners and triathletes. Easy slip-on. Well-engineered. Smooth ride. Effortless push-off. Light. Breathable. Seamless. Attractive. This is a win on all levels. They will turn heads and not just the ones you pass in transition and on the course. See you at the races, if I can catch you!

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Lisa Bentley is an 11-time Ironman Champion, author of An Unlikely Champion, speaker and coach. Lisa has Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic lung disease that causes an abnormal amount of mucus to accumulate in the lungs. This leads to chronic lung infections, lung damage, lung transplant and ultimately early death. Lisa says that CF is her superpower. She should not have won a single race. But, she found a way where there was no way. Lisa is an ASICS ambassador and continues to embrace sport every day.  You can find her at and

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