No Category selected Wes Harding runs for Team Hoyt – because he can

    Wes Harding runs for Team Hoyt – because he can


    The following is a guest post by Wes Harding.



    TEAM HOYT 2012

    TEAM MEMBER: Wes Harding

    Team Hoyt’s message of “Yes You Can!” knows no boundaries and crosses all international borders and nationalities.  Wes Harding, from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, was one of those individuals who heard and saw the message through a video on Team Hoyt during a Church service that inspired Wes to live out his dreams.   Three years ago, at the age of 40, Wes struggled with his weight and unfilled dreams.    As a father of four teenage girls he knew the power of a father’s love for his children.  Wes wanted to make a difference but the obstacles of life seemed too great to overcome and conquer. Airforce Marathon - Wes Harding

    Wes was not a runner but one of his dreams was to run a marathon, not just any marathon, the Boston Marathon.  Due to his weight problem and the “negative” advice of others, the dream was left unfilled.  That was until he heard the message of “Yes, You Can”!  Wes took Rick and Dick’s Message of “Yes you can!” and starting running.   Having never run before Wes went out to run each day with the empowering message of “Yes you can”! Over the past three years Wes has lost over 70 pounds, run 5 marathons, and now has his sights set upon running the Boston Marathon as a qualified runner with Team Hoyt in April 2012.  Over the past six months Wes has run a 5km run in 17:48; 10km in 38:26; half-marathon in 1:24:29 and a qualifying marathon run in a time of 3:11:02.

    As a principal and teacher in an elementary school setting Wes tells his students to “Dream Big”!  “The message is simple; I tell my students that: 1. You are special, 2. Make A Difference, and 3. Yes You Can!  With hard work, determination and perseverance you can achieve your dreams!”   Wes shares that God has made each person special and has given them special gifts and talents to be used to make a difference.  “God wants you to make a difference wherever you go and that you can do anything you want.”  Wes speaks this message of Team Hoyt at numerous motivational events and is a living example of the message “Yes you can!”   Wes’ direction in life is working with children with “exceptionalities” and giving them the opportunity to experience life to the fullest.   Wes has overcome numerous obstacles in the past three years, including collapsing in a 10km race, that lead to him being diagnosed with heart /value disease, but this only inspires Wes to keep running.

    Today Wes is living out his dreams. His wife and four girls travel to all his races to cheer him on and to challenge him to continue to make a difference in the lives of others.  Wes says that “sometimes when we are surrounded by what appears to be many difficulties, we may in fact be surrounded by many opportunities”.  Wes is looking forward, with great anticipation, the opportunity to meet and run with his heroes in life, Rick and Dick Hoyt.  “Team Hoyt” is all about second chances and empowering individuals to Dream Big because “Yes You Can!”

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