No Category selected What a difference 5yrs can make!

    What a difference 5yrs can make!


    Lately as I have been getting ready to go for a run I have been thinking that it sure seems like I have a lot of gear to get ready to go out!  Who ever said all you need to run is a pair of shoes obviously has never caught the bug!!  I can’t believe how much of a difference 5 yrs can make.  I remember when I was training for and running my first ½ marathon in 2004 my list of gear looked like this:

              Cotton Shorts ($15)

              Pair of old boxers ($10)

              White ‘sport’ socks ($3)

              Cotton Shirt ($ free with a case of beer)

              Hat (from old Navy I believe) ($15)

              Analog Watch (with a very small digital stopwatch) ($200, nice watch just not made for running)

              Shoes (probably not the right type) ($90)

    Total ($333)

    My goal during my first ½ marathon was to break the 2hr mark, I came just about as close as you can finishing at 2hrs and 46 seconds!  Not too bad considering I was probably carrying a few extra pounds from the sweat soaked into my cotton clothes! From what I can remember I had chafing in places I shouldn’t and blisters on my feet like crazy!

    Fast Forward 5 years and in order for me to go for a run I need:

              Running Shorts (quick dry of course with boxer lining) ($65)

              Running Socks (again quick dry) ($20)

              Technical T-Shirt (quick dry) ($30)

              Running Hat (quick dry) ($25)

              Garmin ($300)

              Shoes (Specific make and model of New Balance to fit my square shaped feet) ($130)

              Energy Gels ($3.00)

              Water Belt ($50.00)

              IPod ($100)

              Sunglasses ($30)

    Total ($743)

    WOW twice as much money! You would think I would run twice as fast!  Unfortunately that is not what happened.  Instead it takes me twice as long to get ready to go out! I have also become so dependant on having all of these items for my runs if I forget something it feels awkward! Same thing goes for my Garmin or Ipod running out of batteries it just feels weird to run without them!!

    I am starting to feel more and more like a little old lady who is dependant on meals on wheels and the Young and the Restless to make it through the day! 

    My PB in the ½ is 1:51 so I guess being equipped with more up to date equipment has helped a little…..wonder what would happen if I spent a little more…..besides my wife giving me trouble and insisting that she spend the same amount on new furniture!!


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    A banker by day, 35-year-old Tyler recently decided to train for a marathon. And by "decided," he means that "my wife has given me permission to train for the full." A dedicated family man with two young children (a three-year-old and a six-month-old), Tyler says it's a constant challenge to find more time to run. He says that his wife wants him to run because it's good for his heart, but he's slightly suspicious that the real reason might be because his body "was beginning to look more and more like a pear," and "she doesn't like pears." We wish him the best of luck in becoming the fruit of his wife's dreams!


    1. Hi Ty!
      Jus t wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your “blogs”! You’re a great writer – very entertaining! Not that you need anymore incentive than you already have but thought you might enjoy the following article that appeared in the Toronto Star yesterday. Take care and keep up the good work ! – running and writing that is!
      Love jackie

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