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    What’s Your Excuse?


    In my experience training for various races, I’ve had a lot of excuses for missing a workout. Especially if I’ve just taken some time off. That’s why it’s hard for some newer runner’s to stay motivated. If you don’t have or have never experienced the “addiction” or the “running bug”, it’s more of a chore and inconvenience to get out for a workout. I think that’s why there are so many non-runners that say ” Huh…you ran 20km this morning!? You’re crazy” (I get that often.)  It’s always harder to gain perspective when standing on the outside looking in. Once you’re there, and on the inside looking out, it’s hard to take a break. Getting the “bug” or “addiction” for running is amazing. It’s a healthy habit that gives every runner their own reason to say: “I run because….”

    I’ve heard all of the excuses, and I’ve had a lot of them. I think they apply to all sports, because of the commitment that pulls us out of our daily routine. I was recently reminded of my creativity for excuses, as I started to create some reasons not to get out for my workouts. I busted up my toe a few weeks back and I was forced off of the road. It was one of those nagging injuries that can only get worse while continuing to train. I had to back off running and walk instead, I don’t much fancy walking. More to the point, I started to feel better last week, after about 2.5 weeks off. I had run a few short runs in between to keep my fitness, though I won’t tell you that I wasn’t enjoying the relaxation of not running. A few nights ago, my wife and I were hanging around watching some of our shows, and I knew I wanted to go running. I planned on it…the day before, but I had I skipped it… and now it was the evening of the next day and I was pushing myself to skip it again.

    Ever had these excuses? (These were mine for one run) 

    “I didn’t sleep well last night” OR “I already missed it yesterday” OR “I haven’t been running anyways” OR “I can start training next week” OR “it’s cold outside man!”

    In the end, I forced myself out of the door. I ran for 10 minutes and made the decision to keep running;because once I warmed up I enjoyed it.

    The “10 minute rule” is great. Best advice for the unmotivated: Run the planned workout or a variation/cross training version of it. As long as you know the excuses you’re giving yourself are lame. (If they’re not lame, take a break. Lots of people can push it too hard when they need to relax.)  If you know you’re being lazy, get out there for at least 10 minutes and give yourself the option to turn around after that. Most people always finish their run after 10 minutes. Once you’re warmed up, it usually works out. Sometimes my excuses at least allow me to create a better more enjoyable workout. If I have a speed workout scheduled and it seems daunting, maybe I’ll try a trail run with a bit of speed instead. To get out for a workout, feels better than missing it all together.

    I’m aiming for Boston Marathon number 2 in April for some race revenge , and I’d like to start getting in shape. It’s quite amazing how fast you lose your fitness. After 3 runs, and 20km Monday morning, I’m back baby! It feels great. There’s this quote I love “I don’t embrace excuses, I embrace solutions” (Bar Rescue) I learned it on television while taking some time off! 🙂

    What are your lamest excuses for not working out?  


    Here’s to you and what get’s you out the door!


    PS. Jax joined me last night for 8km, I thought it was a good time for a photo op. Nice Movember stache eh? Hope you enjoyed!


    1. First of all thankyou for supporting prostate cancer with your November stache.
      I was not sure who was who in the pictures..
      Yes we all make excuses especially when it comes to exercising etc but at least you own up to it Keep up the great writing.

    2. Great article Dust I would have to say my lamest excuse would have to be “I just don’t feel like it today”

      Love yours truly Brendan Bourne

    3. Great Post Dusty! I can really relate to this one. Thanks for constantly being honest and yet motivational in your comments about running.

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